period panties

a new choice for your comfort during period 

fully replace disposable menstrual pads

reliable and comfortable menstrual aid 

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the first menstrual panties from Thailand

Pynpy is a new innovative menstrual product.

You will feel more comfortable and simply better during your days.

you can use them anywhere and anytime

nights are calm and comfy

can do yoga or any activity

you can chill at home

all day in an office

each period is different

but Pynpy helps everyone

innovative period-proof technology of a gusset area

developed with textile engineers and gynecologist


The first wicking layer absorbs all liquid in a few seconds. It's a special fabric that is always smooth to the touch of your skin 


It powerfully absorbs and keeps all liquid inside this layer. We use a unique material which can hold a high amount of liquid


This layer prevents any leakage. It is waterproof but highly breathable material. Your clothes will stay clean all the time

you will never get back to the menstrual pad

pynpy Favicon1

I have quite a lot of menstrual blood and my period lasts long. Sometimes I had issues during the night or even day. Some days I couldn´t wear what I want to wear and feel all day uncomfortable. These days were full stress, but after I´ve tried to use Pynpy, everything was different. First time in my life, I feel free of stress during my period! 



Fashion Designer

For the first time in my life, I didn't have to use any disposable product. I tried many menstrual products. For example, menstrual cup, or tampons, so I was quite curious about Pynpy. I must say it completely changed my life. Just imagine you can wear it like everyday panties and if period comes it only comes. You don't need to "wait" for it and be "prepared". You just have your Pynpy:-)) Amazing! 



I'm the mom of two children - and I'm always busy. It wasn't easy to take care of myself - especially after taking a bath, so it was effortless to put the panties on! And After giving birth, the usage of tampon became painful for some reason & my skin became delicate, so it was perfect timing to try a new menstrual companion!


Mom of 2 kids

better for you,

better for planet

old me

I used 332 pieces in a year 

feel uncomfortable all the time

I made 2 kg of waste

new me

now I have 3 period panties

feel comfortable all day all night

save 1,8 Kg of waste

be a part of (r)evolution

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