about us

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pynpy are the first period panties from Thailand

we believe in a modern and open society

period products should be comfortable,

 zero-waste & sustainable

story of pynpy

Karn and Tomas

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It was the year 2019, and we were sitting together in Chiang Mai restaurant and were talking about our future life.

We both already had experience with our businesses. Karn established a Bangkok eco-brand called Para where she designs and develops products from natural rubber. Tomas is a founder of a website promoting yoga and a healthy lifestyle in Prague.

And then we met and decided to start Pynpy together.

The baby was born. The main goal is to help people feel comfortable whenever the period comes. It all started with building a community of modern, open beings who want to talk freely about everything which was in the past times tabu or stigmatized in society.

We value honesty, simple design and comfort. Hopefully, you will share these values with us.

We strongly believe that our together journey will be full of happiness and exploring new innovative ideas and openness.

With much love,

Karn and Tom

we follow these values


talk about everything freely


care about each other no matter of gender


for zero-waste & sustainable period

period shouldn´t be a problem anymore

We are here to make periods positive.

From a "melancholy day" to a "comfortable day" in a life with Pynpy