Period panties – Classic cut


Our first model of menstrual panties – an elegant classic cut in black with a smooth surface and a medium-high waist. Comfortable and breathable, for complete comfort during your days.

View the material below and choose your right size now.

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Pynpy is an innovative menstrual product which can fully replace menstrual pads and help you to feel safe and comfortable during your period.

You can use them anywhere and anytime. During yoga, in an office or home or only during the night for calm sleeping.

Pynpy looks like regular undies but has built-in high tech material gusset area so you can wash them and use again and again.

They can absorb equivalent to three sanitary pads.

Size guide

We use highly elastic fabric, please check the size guide below.

3XS size : Hip 21 - 23 inches
2XS size : Hip 24 - 27 inches
XS size : Hip 28 - 32 inches
S size : Hip 33 - 36 inches
M size : Hip 36 - 39 inches
L size : Hip 38 - 41 inches
XL size : Hip 40 - 42 inches
2XL size : Hip 42 - 45 inches
3XL size : Hip 45 - 48 inches
4XL size : Hip 48 - 51 inches
5XL size : Hip 52 - 55 inches

If you’re on the borderline between two sizes, we recommend you to order the smaller size.

Comfortable materials

We carefully choose quality materials for panties the maximise your comfort. For the first model, we used: 

  • Cotton for touch with body
  • Bamboo fiber and cotton to make gusset area
  • All materials use the certificate OEKO-TEX - Standard 100
  • All materials are carefully tested to meet safety standards.


Can Pynpy' panties fully replace menstrual pads?

Of course! We intend to design innovative Pynpy' period panties to be used as a replacement for menstrual pads. With the innovation to absorb and retain menstruation that we have developed, it enables to Pynpy' period panties to handle extra fluids, allowing users to feel comfortable while wearing, just like wearing regular panties. It is also very quick-dry and helps solve staining problems from menstruation as well.

What is OEKO-TEX ceritificate?

OEKO-TEX certification is a license that certifies international product standards from the Internatinal Association for Research adn Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (OEKO), Switzerland. It is used to confirm that the textile or garment product is safe, contains no residue, and has successfully passed the scientific test. It can be said that it is a world-class standard that has been trusted by many countries.

Can Pynpy' panties handle heavy flow days? Do they hve to be changed during the day?

Pynpy' panties can absorb periods equivalent to about 1-3 sanitary pads. Each person's style and number of uses can be adapted to suit their lifestyles.

Due to the nature of the flow and the amount of menstrual period each per experiences is different, if this is your first time wearing Pynpy' panties, we recommend you trying them on at home first. This will allow you to understand the nature and amount of your menstruation first. Then you can choose to wear it according to your own lifestyle.

Some people wear it all day on it's own, some choose to wear it during their night sleep. And if it is a heavy flow kind of day, you can choose to wear it with your sanitary pad in the morning and take it off in the afternoon to feel the comfort of Pynpy' panties for the rest of the day.

You can read reviews and see how our users' choose to wear it. Real user reviews can be found here [Reviews' page]

Is Pynpy' panties difficult to wash?

The washing process is only 3 simple steps:
1. Rinse with clean water after use, and wring it out.

2. Throw it into the washing machine with normal laundry detergent

3. Hang out to dry in the sun and you can reuse it again. You can read more details on sustaining the technology and materials via this link

How long does Pynpy' panties last?

From our development with the textile engineering team, Pynpy' panties can last for an average of more than 2 years while still maintaining it's innovation and technology 🎉💜

Can Pynpy' panties be used for elderly people who have urinary continence problems?

Yes, it can be used and is very recommendated because Pynpy' panties is designed to support all kinds of bodily fluids, whether it is menstruation, urinary continence and vaginal discharge. Therefore, if an elderly person wears Pynpy' panties, in addition to making them feel comfortable, it also creates more confidence and self-worth.

How to wash them


rinse after using


put into a machine


let them dry and use again

If you follow all care instructions, they will last a long time. Just remember, Avoid bleaches, fabric softener and the dryer. No iron.

Period panties – Classic cut