Waterproof Bag


The perfect ‘go-to’ bag for your small knick-knacks, including Pynpy’ panties. 

This 21 x 15 cm dependable inner waterproof membrane bag can be used for your swimsuit, make-up, and of course a couple of pairs of Pynpy’ period panties – both used and new – or just anything! 

Just zip it up and be worry-free from any leaks or spill – just like our period panties!

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Looking for the perfect on-the-go bag for your Pynpy’ panties? Here’s one! 

Whenever you need to change during the day or keep Pynpy’ at hand while on the road, our waterproof bag is the perfect option for carrying a spare pair of period panties. It’s the essential accessory for your new Pynpy’ panties and is discreetly scaled to fit into your handbag, school bag, or backpack. 

Our waterproof bag is designed for convenience in carrying your underwear all day with you and is ideal for traveling. Any worn panties that need packing can go straight into this bag because not only is it waterproof, but it’s also washable. The zipper adds an extra touch of style, making it not only cute but also practical. Our bag folds nicely and isn’t a space hog when empty. So why the wait? Grab yours now. 

  • A 21 x 15 cm waterproof go-to bag for all knick-knacks for bleeders
  • Holds from small accessories to period panties and swimsuits perfectly
  • Unique and robust zipper that is both practical and cute 
  • Super easy to clean and wash – washable both with hands or with machine
Pynpy wet bag
Waterproof Bag